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Epoxy Pro Ga was recognized to provide the community with a professional and consistent flooring facility at reasonable rates. For years, we are following our goals, accomplishing every milestone efficiently. After years of hard work selfless service, we pride ourselves in being the chief floor coating contractors in Roswell, GA and its surrounding areas. Our inclusive floor coating facility is highly reliable and competent!

To sustain the standard of our establishment, we always hire experienced workers. Our all employees are highly qualified and certified. Furthermore, we ensure effective communication with the client at every step to enhance the facility’s efficiency and deliver desired results.

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Our years of experience and flawless project history make us the most consistent and trustworthy flooring coating contractors in Roswell, GA. You can always count on us.

Our staff comprises the most experienced and qualified flooring contractors. We serve you with passion and capabilities, delivering nothing but the most premium outcomes.

To deliver every client customized, efficient and durable service, we pay attention to every minor detail. Whether it’s a household or workshop, our facility will be tailored.

Floor coating has been in trend and demand for the past few years, but the industry is continuously changing, and so do our coating methods as we believe in staying a step ahead of the rest.

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